Confronting Reality

Seven billion people rising - finite planet

exhausting resources, poisoned air, earth,

water & minds

Existing leadership has failed comprehensively to ensure our security, our well being or confident hope for the future.

What are the most important factors for our troubled species to embrace going forward ?

Being human: Knowledge of the gamut of individual and group behaviour patterns of our species is in the public domain. We understand many of our vulnerabilities and weaknesses as well as the creative innovative brilliance residing in the human population. It has been our ability to cooperate, not compete, that essentially developed our species. We are an adaptable and malleable tribal animal.

When knowledge & resources are concentrated in the hands of a few closely knit, highly motivated, greedy cabals the majority of the people will be enslaved to their interests.

Those that benefit from the resulting social mechanism rarely wish to understand that mechanism especially if it appears to grant them privilege and power over their fellow man.

In an enlightening society there will still be seats of privilege and power occupied by brilliant Alpha types. In creating a better world we must acknowledge both the benefits and the dangers of achievers and ensure they are kept in check

There are effective technical and human skills that can detect outright dishonesty, a predominant characteristic of human development, manipulation & domination. Transparency & accountability in all areas of public interest is both possible and paramount. No privilege without accountability.

Population: We understand human breeding behaviour and have the knowledge to stabilise population, through education, enabling gender equality, contraception and by developing sustainable infrastructure guaranteeing security in essentials.

Technology: We have mastered the power of technology. Providing essentials such as energy, food and shelter with modern conveniences is within the grasp of our global population.

What needs our most urgent attention going forward?