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Below are a list of books by a variety of authors, including James Robertson, Stephen Zarlenga, Michael Rowbotham, Ellen Brown and many more.

These are seminal works that reveal the holy grain of a fraternal "peoples" currency as both catalyst and conduit of human creativity.

These esteemed money reformers reveal that an understanding and focused dedication to the enactment of a transparent & accountable citizen's money system, is the only strategy to resolve the multitude wrongs gripping our deeply troubled world.

Publicly created & issued money, dedicated to creating common wealth, is the only control system that people can use to set a course towards an equitable, sustainable and enriching social evolution of our species. See "The People's Currency"


Creating New Money (2000),

James Robertson and Joseph Huber promote money reform designed to move the money supply to being wholly publicly-created. It can be summarised in 4 parts:
1. Forbid private banks to create money.
2. An independent public body -- a branch of the Central Bank -- creates all the money debt-free, on a regular basis.
3. Government spends this money into society via its spending projects.
4. It is this money which private banks compete to attract into their savings accounts, in order to lend out to their customers.

The Robertson / Huber money reform proposals seeks the full social ownership of the power to create money.

Also by James Robertson

  • Beyond The Dependency Culture (Adamantine/Praeger, 1998)
  • The Transformation of Economic Life (Schumacher Briefing No 1, Green Books, 1998)
  • A New Economics of Sustainable Development, a "Briefing for Policymakers" written for the European Commission in 1997 (Kogan Page, 1999)

James Robertson has dedicated his life to money reform. He established the New Economics Foundations to promote money reform i.e. taking the creation of the nations money supply into the government's hands.

A enormously rich source for money reform books can be found on James Robertson's original web site. Many are downloadable FREE as pdf's


If this page fails to open a copy is here:


The Lost Science of Money-

Stephen Zarlenga's massive true history of money

If you want an insight into money through the ages this is a "MUST READ"

Great Transformations 1943

Karl Polanyi. This book explores how the seeds were sown for the self-destruction of our present monetary system / society. Polanyi's thesis is that it was a deception. [Read more]

The Grip of Death (1998)

Michael Rowbotham's reform, promoted in his book, The Grip of Death (1998), is intended to move the money supply to being largely publicly-created.

Goodbye America (2000) Michael Rowbotham

Web of Debt-

Ellen Brown has one of the most easy-to-understand books on monetary reform.

Seven Steps to Justice [Paperback]

Rodney Shakespeare and Peter Challen

The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to e-Cash

by David Boyle

We Hold These Truths-

When Richard C. Cook retired from the Treasury department.

The Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, a non-partisan, non-profit policy institute at the University of Missouri, has several books worth reading. One of the best is "Understanding Modern Money".

Modern Money Secrets-

Byron Dale

longtime reform advocate

The Modern Universal Paradigm: Binary Economics for All Who Seek Justice

Rodney Shakespeare

Money reform book reviews plus another short explanation of the private bankers money system.

Alistair McConnachie explains how our Debt-based Money System is the Driver of Unsustainable Growth, and What we can do to Stop it

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