One mountain - many paths & views

What about sharing your ideas, concerns & opinion on why you have chosen to  join with others on the Green Party's path towards a better world?

Mid Devon, Exeter and East Devon Green Parties invite you to a


Wednesday  ....   15th April 2015
7pm till 9pm

The Real Food Cafe 
Paris Street
Exeter EX1 2JB

The Party is growing fast. The policies that will be selected to campaign on for the coming election will be announced soon. Not everyone will be 100% in agreement with the selection chosen. We need to engage both new members and the non involved in our quest to discover what motivates you and how you may like to be involved. 

Traditional “business meetings” and political policy committees can be tiresome and frustrating. The “Listening” is simply to offer you opportunity to speak your mind in a congenial space.

There will be small groups, five to seven GP members, in a circle with one experienced party member to facilitate and advise, as best they can, on GP policies.  After introducing yourself you can “talk your politics” the circle can agree to discuss what arises or  not. After 35 minutes we all shift around to new circles as you wish. The only rule is there are no rules except to respect each other. If you want to leave your circle that's fine but not to disturb another or take two bites at blowing your trumpet in one session of circles. Mingle with other unengaged souls, have a cup of tea, respect the santity of the ongoing circles.  There will be two sessions with brief feed back to everyone, if desired, from each circle after each session. Then a general cup of tea space and time to mingle or not. No political speeches, no call to work, no call to action.

The spirt of the event is to accept we all have different knowledge sets, different experience in group dialogue and different characters. We are all one but we are not all the same. We know there are doves and hawks. The bottom line is you all get as fair a share of time as possible to express yourself. We are all considering one mountain but know their are many paths.

As a starting point you may wish to reflect on a recent “Introduction to Green Politics” by Peter Barnett of the Executive Committee.


“From early on, the Greens recognized that  the system 
under which we live is the root cause of all the problems"

 "and no amount of reforms 
will change that.”

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