The GREEN PARTY will take the power of money creation into public hands and radically diminish the negative effect of interest charges on our society

We are still paying interest on First World War debt, WW11 debt, public services debt, subsidies on nuclear power debt etc. Debt on fictional "money" magicked out of a hat by private bankers

Everything in our lives is crippled by debt. Our housing,  health care, hospitals, energy, furniture, food, water, transport, clothing, social services, education, sport, recreation, white goods, communication technology, consumer products - all carrying the burden of quite unnecessary debt.

We pay bank owners a % on every monetary transaction 
we make throughout our entire lives.

Only the bankers and their owners benefit

On Fiat Money

Why do we allow a private banking
system to create money out of thin air?

(This type of money enslaves our species in debt?)

It's an old well tried system and very successful for the bank owners. At its core is a massive private money creation machine which is utterly unaccountable and unelected. It serves a very select credit distribution system. A system of credit that shapes our world.

But in whose image? For what ends?

It depends on who controls the money system.

The Green Party believes that the power to create money must be removed from private banks. Our national currency must be taken into public control to be issued largely free of debt or interest by the state. It should be directed to environmentally and socially beneficial areas such as renewable energy, social housing, or support for community businesses - creative, enriching, sustainable investment -  benefiting all society.

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